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We build outstanding OnlyFans careers

OnlyFans is not easy

OnlyFans is a competitive market and models face many problems.

A lot of competition

5 million creators woo a handful of fans. With our method, you can generate several thousand followers every day. We’ll show you the pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Missing strategy

A lot of creators don’t have a strategy, they produce content, but it doesn’t work and they don’t make money. For this, you need a plan. We show you how!

Enough time

Followers regularly expect content from you as a content creator. We show you how you can organize this in the best way!

No ideas

Many models don’t have ideas or a team to help them create content for TikTok, Instagram, and OnlyFans. We regularly analyze the current trends and show you the way to new ideas.

Banks & Taxes

Earning money is only one part of the equation. Knowing how to reduce and pay your taxes, and knowing how to stop the banks from closing your bank accounts is another. Our services cover the whole spectrum of your OnlyFans journey.

One person alone can’t do it – let alone scale it! You need a team! That’s where we help you!

Why do successful models need an agency ?

We provide you with significant support so that you can achieve your goals and dreams faster.

With us you can earn money 24/7 without being active on OnlyFans all the time yourself. You no longer need to check your account every 5 minutes, you can relax and watch money coming in continuously

We support you in content production. With our team and many years of experience in marketing and management business we provide enormous growth and constant popularity for you and your creativity.

You are part of the permanent team of the Rosetto Agency family! You are in close contact with us and can talk to us at any time. We believe in you and in your work. We want you to succed!

We make the difference!
Rosetto Agency

We make the difference!

Rosetto Agency

No upfront and setup fees

You still have access to all accounts

Full financial institutions support and tax care

Other agencies

Up to $20,000 upfront and setup fees

You have no access to own OnlyFans account

Other agencies don’t care about your welfare, taxes and legal problems

Results of one of our models

 This model has allowed us to post her earnings and achievements on the website so you can see what is possible when you have the right agency.

Why work with us?

Rosetto Agency is based on the values of loyalty, discretion, results, experience, trust and passion. You can be sure that we will listen to your concerns and always find a solution.

We never let our models down and help them achieve unexpected success.







Frequently Asked Questions

Our answers to the most frequently asked questions

No and Yes.
However, with an agency you will earn much more money and need much less time.

Without an agency you have to work 24/7, you have to find all trends yourself, you have to create all posts on all platforms yourself, you have no one to help you with the structure and no one with an outside view. And all the other challenges you have to face as well.

Many models try to be successful on their own for months, earn only $500-$2000 a month and then switch to us.

We are happy to hear that!

Before we decide to work with you, we would like to get to know you. What is your motovation, do you have enough time and do you really want it. We want to know how we can best help you.

To check all this we have a free initial consultation.

Just book an initial call and we can get started.

Usually you only need about 1-2 hours per day. Sometimes, when your DMs are full of paying fans, it can be more.

When the revenue rises above $40,000, it often makes sense to quit your main job and invest more time in Onlyfans

It depends on your current social media presence. Without followers, it is possible to earn $10,000 after just 2-3 weeks.

If you already have a few fans or a good quality social media following, we can make 3-4 figures on the first day.

It always the better option to show the face. It is much easier to generate fans. People like to see faces and read them. They see if you’re having fun, if you’re happy, if you’re doing well, or if you want more.

We have some successful models who do not show their face. It can work very well. We have to test it.

We will advise you on how to become successful in just a few days

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